Fermented Frequently Asked Questions

What are living, fermented foods?
Fermentation is a cultural preservation practice that imbues foods with
health-promoting properties. Our products are not canned,
pasteurized, or heat processed; this means the “good bugs”
(aka. probiotics/good bacteria) are alive and well in your jar!

Do your products need to be refrigerated?
Yes, to keep your ferment happy, put it in the fridge when you get

How do I use your products?
It’s easy to add fermented foods to whatever you’re serving: top soup
with a scoop of kraut, use kraut instead of salad dressing, add kimchi
on top of scrambled eggs, top a taco with Cortido, or just enjoy
straight from the jar! We love sharing recipe ideas, so please ask!

How long do your products last after I open the jar?
Check the best by date on the lid. Most of our products will last 6-9
months in your fridge after you pop the top!